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Teun A. van Dijk
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Teun A. van Dijk, is Founding Director of the Centre. Teun A. van Dijk was a professor of Discourse Studies at the University of Amsterdam until 2004 and is at present professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. For more information, see


Professor and Centre Coordinator 
Lucía de la Presa
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Lucía de la Presa is a Phd in Language Sciences (University Pompeu Fabra) and an MA in Discourse Studies (University Pompeu Fabra). Her research interests include the study of mainstream and alternative media, social movements, and the role of discourse in processes of social and political transformation. She is also interested in the practice and development of transdisciplinary and decolonial  approaches to critical research.


Professor and Assistant for Events 
César Colorado
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César Colorado is a PhD in Linguistics Communication and Multilingual Mediation (Pompeu Fabra University-UPF). He is also an MA in Linguistics and Technological Applications (UPF) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Language and Literature (University of Veracruz-UV, Mexico).

In addition to being a researcher in Discourse Analysis, he has worked as a paleographer, proofreader, translator (English-Spanish, Catalan-Spanish), journalist and radio producer. He has published articles and reports in several magazines and newspapers in Mexico and Spain.


César Colorado
Lucia de la Presa
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