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Dr. César Colorado

Centre of Discourse Studies


General information: 

1 April - 6 May 2023

4:00pm- 6:00pm (CEST/UTC+2 )

Total hours: 10

Location: online and in-person in the Centre of Discourse Studies

Language: Spanish

Price: 100€ for full course /                          25€ for one class 

Course certificate included


*Registration for full for course only. If you wish to register for an individual class session please contact us directly at

Taller de Análisis de Textos 2023.png

Workshop description: 

How do we do Discourse Analysis? What structures should we analyze? What research questions are the most relevant? How should we choose and gather the study corpus? How should we organize the analysis? What theory and methodology should we use? What exactly does it mean to do Critical Discourse Analysis?

The purpose of this workshop is to answer these and other questions related to Discourse Analysis. The workshop is mainly practical, with a focus on text analysis rather than theory. We will work with some of the most common categories of discourse analysis, and we will analyze various types of texts (news, advertisements, political slogans, songs, poems, etc.) and social issues (racism, anti-racism, environmentalism, abuse of power, feminism, etc.).

The workshop will be led by César Colorado, professor-researcher of the Centre of Discourse Studies. 


1/04: Semantic analysis: semantic roles, types of action, discourse themes

15/04: Semantic analysis: presupposition, implications and implicatures

22/04: Syntactic analysis: sentence types (active, passive, personal, impersonal, etc.), nominalization, superstructure

29/04: Pragmatic analysis: speech acts, deictics and modalization

06/04: Rhetorical analysis: metaphors

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