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Workshop: Analysis of News on Social Protest

Dr. César Rojo 
Centre of Discourse Studies

13, 20, 27 May

3 June 2023

16:00-19:00 (CEST)

Location: online and in-person

Language: Spanish

Price: 120€ full course (12 hours), with the option of discount for students and payment in installments / 35€ single class (3 hours)

Includes certificate


*Registration form for full course only. To register for an individual class please contact us as

Taller - Análisis de noticias sobre la protesta social.png

About the workshop:

The way in which the media covers social protests can influence the triumph or failure of their objectives and demands; it can also influence support for or opposition to the protest. What are the discursive structures that come into play in the coverage of social protest? What kind of social representations do the media construct about protest? How are news of social protests from the left and the right similar and different? How can we critically assess news about social protest in the mainstream and alternative media?

The purpose of this workshop is to answer these questions. First, an introduction about studies on the coverage of social protest is presented. Secondly, some categories of discursive analysis used to analyze news discourse are presented. Thirdly, we will work with news of recent social protests, extracted from conventional and alternative media.

The workshop consists of 12 hours of class, divided into 4 sessions. It is possible to take the entire workshop or three-hour sessions. The price of an individual session is 35€. To register for an individual session rather than the entire workshop please contact us at

The course will be given by Dr. César Rojo, of the Centre of Discourse Studies. 



13/05: Studies on the coverage of social protest. Recent theories, methodologies and research approaches.

20/05: Categories of discourse analysis for news analysis

27/05: News analysis. Semantic level (semantic roles and transitivity) and syntactic level (passivization and nominalization).

03/06: News analysis. Pragmatic (modalization) and rhetorical (metaphors) levels. Referenced discourse (who is quoted and how it is quoted).

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