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Seminar-Workshop "Sexual Violence and the media in times of post-truth"

Dra. Natalia Fernández Díaz-Cabal
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Date and Time

Wednesday, January 29th

5:30PM- 7:30PM


Centre of Discourse Studies
Plaça del Bonsuccés 7-6, Barcelona

Send participation requests to:

Seminario-taller_29 enero.png

About this Seminar-workshop

Why is there more talk about sexual violence now? Is it reality magnified and fed by the media or does it signify a real social turn of women empowerment and a consolidation of old feminist demands? The answer (or answers) to this question combines complex factors of diverse nature that must be placed in historical perspective as we approach this topic through Critical Discourse Analysis.

Following a seminar talk in the first half, we will test our expertise and knowledge through a workshop activity that will allow us to apply the tools that CDA puts at our disposal in order to understand the dominant ideologies and their media traces in the current times of pre- and post-truth. 

Language: Spanish

Certificate: Yes

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