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Ignacio Riffo Pavón 
Post-doctoral researcher at the Universidad Central de Chile and current Visiting Scholar at the Centre of Discourse Studies


Imaginaries, Representations and Discursive Re-presentations:

The meanings of social reality

Day/ time:

16 December 2021, 10:00-11:00 (CET)

Place: online

This event is free but registration is required:

Imaginarios, Representaciones y Re-presentaciones Discursivas.png

Due to the indistinct and sometimes equivocal use of the concepts of imaginary and representation, the objective of this seminar is to clarify the concepts of social imaginaries, social representations and discursive re-presentations. In this way, it seeks to lay some basic foundations that allow us to distinguish the substantial differences of these three social meanings, as well as to present their functions and planes of action. For this purpose, a theoretical-reflexive tour is made on a series of academic works, which provide an epistemological support that allows to enter into these three notions established here. In this sense, different perspectives of thought will be presented in order to build a theoretical architecture that can be used and deepened in future research or academic projects.

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