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How to work smarter toward a PhD: A few tricks

Dr. Esther Pascual (Shanghai International Studies University)

Date and Time:

17:00-18:00 (CEST/UCT+2 Time Zone)

13 April 2023

Location: hybrid event: in person at the Centre of Discourse Studies (Plaça del Bonsuccés, 7, entresuelo 6, 08001 Barcelona) AND online (Zoom)

Language: Spanish

Registration form:

This is a free event, but registration is required.

Charla-Esther Pascual-13 abril 2023.png

Talk description:


This talk focuses not so much on research results or how to set concrete research goals, but on how to work towards those goals. I will address what method books don't usually cover, namely: tricks for making the most of time and energy, and how to maintain the concentration and motivation needed to reach the goal of a PhD in one piece. Combining my personal experience with recent publications, as well as examples from the work habits of extremely original and productive researchers and artists such as Newton or Da Vinci, I will talk about how to work in a more balanced, efficient, and effective way. I will suggest some tricks or strategies to create conditions conducive to creativity and how to turn ideas into publications without harming health, motivation, or personal life, as well as some ways to reward oneself, which can make the path more enjoyable. I will also discuss the importance of managing one's career, reflecting on what academic profile best fits you and how to work towards that career goal. With better knowledge and more reflection we can not only improve our productivity and the quality of our work and work relationships, but also have more time for leisure, rest and loved ones, which in turn tends to positively impact work and work relationships.

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