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XIII Taller de Análisis Crítico del Discurso: El periodismo

Dr. César Rojo 
Centre of Discourse Studies


Dr. Xavi Giró  
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Date and Time

Saturday, October 5th, 12th, & 26th 

11:00AM- 2:00PM


Centre of Discourse Studies
Plaça del Bonsuccés 7-6, Barcelona

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About this Workshop 

This CDA Workshop focuses on the analysis of journalistic discourse. The objective is to study the role that journalism plays in the representation of social reality: events, actors, themes, controversies, conflicts, etc. As always, the workshop is practical, that is, the purpose is that participants learn to analyze journalistic discourse, which can be useful for their research projects or to know the power that journalism can have (e.g. manipulation or social resistance).


The Workshop is divided into three classes, which will be held during the month of October. Each class consists of three hours. Two classes will be given by Dr. César Rojo, from the Centre of Discourse Studies, and one by Dr. Xavi Giró, from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


Saturday 5/10/2019, 11AM to 2PM

An introductory class on the exploration of journalism from a historical dimension. In Critical Discourse Studies, Ruth Wodak points out the importance of the historical dimension to understand the discourses we produce and consume today. In this sense, the class briefly explores the development of journalism from the end of the 19th century to the present day. The exploration focuses on the development of journalism that occurs in mass media. Although the history of alternative media or - as John Downing calls them - nanomedia , is not covered, by observing mass media we can presuppose what the alternative media do not want to do.

Saturday, October 12/10/2019, 11AM to 2PM

In this class Professor Xavi Giró explains how journalism represents social conflicts. It is a practical class in which Professor Giró covers different discursive levels that can be analyzed in order to observe the representation of a conflict in different social spheres (religious, political, economic, etc). The class is primarily grounded by theories of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), with a specific focus on Conflict Theory, Critical Linguistics, and Cognitivism. Professor Giró will also point out the importance of producing journalism for peace and conflict resolution, and not only negative news which currently abounds in the mass media.

Saturday 26 /10/2019, 11AM to 2PM
In journalism there are many types of discourses (or journalistic genres). In this class we will focus on newspaper editorials. The function of the editorial is, in general, to comment on a relevant social issue. It is not signed but we know it is "the opinion of the newspaper." The objective of the class is to explain, on the one hand, the textual schemes that make up an editorial, and on the other hand, to show how an opinion is built in an editorial and what socio-political function it can have beyond the text. The theoretical focus of the class is grounded by Textual Linguistics and the Appraisal Theory.

Language: Spanish

Certificate: Yes

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