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Workshop on Discourse Analysis

Dr. César Rojo 
Centre of Discourse Studies

Dates and Times

2, 9, & 16 May: 

11am - 1pm (Group 1)

4pm-6pm (Group 2)

23 May:

11am (Group 1 & 2) 

Location: online course

*We are no longer accepting inscription requests for this course. Due to high interest and limited availability, unfortunately, not all applicants will be admitted. Accepted applicants will be notified with more information by April 27th. 

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About this Workshop


Now more than ever, Critical Discourse Analysis is essential to reflect on the current situation we are experiencing globally: the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, discourse again plays a crucial role since, as John H. Powers states in the Introduction to the book The Social Construction of SARS (2008), the way we communicate a subject determines how we understand it and how we act on it. In other words, speech influences our understanding and behavior.

The purpose of this workshop is to become familiar with some methodological tools for carrying out a discursive analysis. To practice using these tools, we will analyze some textual samples (headlines, headings, and paragraphs) taken from news about COVID-19.

The workshops are practical, the most important thing is that the participants learn to use the analytical categories proposed in the workshop, to later base critical social, political or economic reflections. The workshops are practical. Thus, the priority is placed on learning to use the analytical categories proposed in the workshop as foundations for critical social, political or economic reflections.

The workshop will be held online (via Skype). For didactic reasons, two working groups will be formed (from 5 to 6 people). The workshop, divided into three sessions of two hours each, will be led by Dr. César Rojo of the Center of Discourse Studies. The workshop will close with a talk from Professor Teun van Dijk on May 23rd.


Group 1 / Saturday, 2 May / 11am to 1pm

Group 2 / Saturday 2 May /4pm to 6pm

A brief introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis CDA):

Part 1: The role of discourse in the social construction of reality and the objectives of the CDA.


Part 2: Some methodological tools of discursive analysis: themes, presuppositions, implications, lexicon, and use of metaphors.



Group 1 / Saturday, 9 May / 11am to 1pm

Group 2 / Saturday, 9 May /4pm to 6pm

Text analysis:

Topics, presuppositions, implications in the news about health crises.



Group 1 / Saturday, 16 May/ 11am to 1pm

Group 2 / Saturday, 16 May/ 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Text analysis:

Lexicon and use of metaphors in the news about health crises.



Saturday, 23 May/ 11.00

The role of the ACD on the new global stage: A Talk by Professor Teun van Dijk

Confined at home, our dependence on discourse intensifies as our primary source to learn about and intervene in local and global realities - not only related to health but also social, economic, and political issues. In this context, what challenges does CDA face?

Language: Spanish

Certificate: Yes

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