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Discourse analysis of business-society relations: Discourses as forgers of power relationships

A talk by Dr. Yanina Kowszyk (Faculty of Spatial Sciences at University of Groningen and the Business School at Universitat de Barcelona)

Date and Time:

21 December 2022

5pm-6:30pm (CET/UCT+1 Time Zome)

Location: online (Zoom) 

Language: English 

This is a free event, but registration is required:

talk - Yanina Kowszyk.png

Talk description:


This talk will address the use of discourse analysis to study the role of business in society and the power relations that are created between business and society. The presentation will focus on discourses that have emerged in the last decade (2010-2020). The analysis tools used will be shown and especially those that served as a basis for developing an analysis on the capabilities of social movements to change the cultural power in the social revolution that occurred in Chile 2019. 

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