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Media Discourse and Social Protest

Online Course 

Dr. César Rojo 

César Rojo is a professor at the Centre of Discourse Studies. His research centers on the coverage of social protest in the press.  


Master Class 

Dr. Douglas McLeod

Douglas McLeod is professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an acclaimed scholar with one of his primary lines of work centered on the media coverage of social protest and its impact on audiences. For more information visit:

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29 May, 5-25 June 2021

10 hours


Full Course*: 100€

Master Class only: 30€

*Course includes Master Class, priority access to online talk with Douglass McLeod and Teun van Dijk, and certificate of completion



Course in Spanish, Master Class in English

Registration for full course:

Registration for Master Class only:

About this Mini-Course

Since the 1970's there has been extensive research on the relationship between social protest and the media. The primary aim of this course is to show the main lines of work in this field of research which we currently call Social Protest and Media Studies. Specifically, the course will focus on the media coverage of social protest, with special attention to how media representations of social protest are discursively constructed.

The course may be of interest to both students and researchers who study media discourse and social movements, and more specifically, news and social protest. It is also relevant for journalists who cover social protests as well as for activists or members of social collectives who have contact with the media.


First session

Saturday, May 29th/ 2 hours/ 3:00PM (CEST) 


The journalistic coverage of social protest in mass media studies.

Second session

Saturday, June 5th/ 2 hours/ 3:00PM (CEST) 

Journalistic coverage of social protest in social movements studies (in particular, in the line of study called protest event analysis).

Third session

Saturday, June 12th/ 2 hours/ 3:00PM (CEST) 

The journalistic coverage of social protest in the field of Discourse Analysis.

Fourth session

Saturday, June 19th/ 2 hours/ 3:00PM (CEST) 

Dominant media representation (the protest paradigm) and alternative journalistic coverage of social protest. 

Fifth session

Friday, June 25th/ 2 hours/ 3:00PM (CEST) 

Master Class with Dr. Douglas McLeod

This master class explores the extent to which changes in the mass media in recent years have influenced news about social movements.

Course certificate: Yes

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