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Course on Critical Discourse Analysis

Dr. Lluís Payrató

Universidad de Barcelona

Dr. Teun van Dijk

Centre of Discourse Studies

Dr. César Rojo 
Centre of Discourse Studies

Date and Time

Saturday, January 25th, Februrary 1st, & 8th 

11:00AM- 2:00PM


Centre of Discourse Studies
Plaça del Bonsuccés 7-6, Barcelona

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About this Course


This course on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) will tackle three important areas: multimodality, semantics, and the critical approach within discourse studies. While the course addresses theoretical issues, it also privileges practical work. This means that participants will learn to analyze texts using some of the methodological tools provided by CDA. 


Saturday, 25/01/2020, 11AM to 2PM

Multimodal Analysis

Discourse is often a combination of diverse modes of communication such as gestures, images, sounds, colors, and shapes. Multimodal analysis is thus essential to understanding the holistic operation of texts as they appear in daily discursive practices (e.g. on television, in advertising, etc.). This class will be taught by Dr. Lluís Payrató, who will offer an introduction to multimodal analysis in the field of Discourse Studies.

Saturday, 01/02/2020, 11AM to 2PM

Satuday, 08/02/2020, 11AM to 12PM

Samantic Discourse Analysis


One of the central aspects of Discourse Analysis is the semantic dimension. In this class, Dr. César Rojo will explain some of the semantic structures that are relevant for the study of social representations in discourse, as observed, for instance, in news, advertising, songs or literature.

Saturday 08/02/2020, 12PM to 2PM

Critical Analysis within Discourse Studies

Critical approaches are, without a doubt, a prominent feature of Discourse Studies. But what does being critical mean exactly? In answering this question, Dr. Teun van Dijk will explore some of the new trends in Critical Discourse Studies, such as the analysis of resistance discourses in the framework of social movements and social protest.

Language: Spanish

Certificate: Yes

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