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CDA Workshop: Racist and Antiracist discourse



Dr. César Rojo 
Centre of Discourse Studies

Dr. Teun van Dijk

Dates and Times:

October 17th

 11:00AM - 2:00PM (CET) 

October 24th

11:00AM - 2:00PM (CET) 

October 26th 

7:00PM - 9:00PM (CET) 




60€ (for full workshop)



Taller acd - discurso antiracista 2020_e

About this Workshop

Without a doubt, one of the most persistent problems in society is racism. Since its inception, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has focused on studying the perpetuation of racism in discursive practices, with works that reveal racism in the news, in political discourse, in advertising, in textbooks, and in conversations, in Europe, in Latin America, in the USA, etc.

In recent years, although to a lesser extent, CDA has also been concerned with investigating  antiracism in discourse. If one of main objective of CDA is to support resistance to systems of oppression, then studying antiracist discourse is crucial to developing knowledge and strategies against racism.

The purpose of this workshop is to study racist and antiracist discourse, in particular. Specific discursive categories will be used to analyze textual samples that reproduce racism and others that reproduce anti-racist content.

The workshop consists of three sessions. The first two sessions will be led by Dr. César Rojo (from the Center of Discourse Studies), while in the last session Teun van Dijk will give a talk on elements of his current book on antiracist discourse.


First session

Saturday, October 17th/ 3 hours/ 11:00AM (CET) 

Racist Discourse: 

-Ideology, racist attitudes and opinions, elites and racism, public discourse and racism, racism in the press.

-Headlines, themes, local meanings, degrees of description, referred discourse, metaphors.

Second session

Saturday, October 24th/ 3 hours/ 11:00AM (CET) 

Antiracist discourse:

-Social movements, protests and antiracism, antiracist discourse: critical and / or purposeful.

-Antiracist discourse in Mexico: analysis of the Zapatista discourse.

Third session

Monday, October 206th/ 2 hours/ 7:00PM (CET) 

Talk by Teun van Dijk, Anti-Racist Discourse. Theory, History, Analysis.

Language: Spanish

Certificate: Yes

For more information about this workshop: 

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